About Us

Our Story

Sekolah Unggulan Indonesia (SUI) is a co-ed school located in Gading Serpong, Tangerang. As a certified OxfordAQA school, we offer Early Childhood, Primary School, Middle School and High School programmes that are modelled after and aligned with U.K. frameworks and standards.

We believe that we can build a better Indonesia by taking an active role in developing future generations rooted in the foundation of a sound character program, the pursuit of lifelong learning, integrity in leadership, and a heart for community service.


Together We Build a Stronger Indonesia


To provide top-quality, progressive and globally competitive education, emphasising character building in Indonesia

Our Objectives


The pursuit of knowledge through literacy and numeracy are important, but we also believe in the development of character, nationalism, integrity, and a heart of service.

Our school is a caring environment. We help each child develop social awareness, encouraging respect for self, as well as a tolerance for the differences in others. All staff and children, parents and visitors are expected to behave in a manner that is safe, responsible, honest, and respectful.

Students are expected to practice high standards of behaviour and work to their maximum potential.

Our Motto

Scientia ad Humanitatem

Education at Sekolah Unggulan Indonesia seeks to create a harmony between two focus areas: noble character and strong academic performance. It aims to produce graduates who are skilled and well rounded, possessing good character and strong values to build the community.

Core Values


We encourage students to do their best and strive for personal excellence, believing that this enables them to develop skills and take ownership of lifelong learning.

We achieve this through:
  • Building partnerships with families to develop pathways for learning
  • Providing a welcoming and safe environment that inspires creativity and innovation
  • Building a culture of service to the community and to the nation
  • Valuing individual and cultural identity and encouraging unity in diversity
  • Fostering excellence in Mathematics, Science and Literacy, and providing a balanced range of educational opportunities